Key Messages: February 2018 Clinical Chairs Committee Meeting

UPG COO Corey Feist presented an update on contract negotiations with Anthem. Department Chairs approved proposed contract terms as outlined. Next steps include reevaluation of current Super Specialty Codes, as well as reconstituting/charging the Performance Based Contracting Team.

UPG CFO Susan Rumsey reviewed Provider-Based Clinic Cost Allocation. The current methodology distributes funds to each unit proportional to indigent care RVUs. The alternate methodology would have funds allocated to units based on their individual ratio of cost to charges applied to indigent volumes. A motion was made and approved to adopt the alternate methodology for the last six (6) months of FY18, and beginning in full for FY19.

UPG President Bobby Chhabra, M.D. distributed a handout of questions from the UPG Cost Survey. The survey was administered by the UVA Center for Survey Research to 23 Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) peer institutions. The survey was designed and administered as part of ongoing efforts to discover best practices and promote understanding of UPG’s comparative cost structure. Results are expected in Spring 2018.

The remainder of the meeting was spent in Closed Executive Session focused on discussing the Group Practice Model.

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