PFA Project Leadership Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

As of December 11, 2017, UPG Chief of Ambulatory Operations Katie Fellows will serve as the Interim Patient Friendly Access (PFA) Administrator. In this role, Katie will report jointly to UPG Chief of Audit and Billing Quality Melanie Lewis, and UVA Medical Center Chief Operating Officer Bill Fulkerson.

Katie has been an integral part of our PFA Executive Group.  She was instrumental to the successful Epic Phase 2 Implementation in our Clinical Practice Group (CPG) practices, and she will surely be a valuable asset to this project.

In order to support Katie’s transition to Interim PFA Administrator, UPG Manager of Business Development David Stebbins will serve as Interim Director of RPC North Operations, and UPG Clinical Operations Specialist Brigitte Mehl will serve as Interim Clinical Operations Manager.

We greatly appreciate the spirit of collaboration that is being demonstrated during this dynamic time in our environment. Thank you for doing your part to ensure progress and continued success so our patients’ needs are met.


Bill Fulkerson                            Brad Haws

COO UVA Medical Center      CEO UVA Physicians Group




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