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Key Messages: Clinical Chairs Committee Meetings

March 2018 This meeting was held in Closed Executive Session.   April 2018 UPG President Bobby Chhabra, M.D. chaired the meeting, opening with remarks thanking chairs for their diligent efforts to resolve the budget deficit for FY19. Ms. Rumsey presented Financial Results through … [Read More...]

Key Messages: UPG Board of Directors Meetings

March 15, 2018 A request was made that the UPG Board of Directors receive an assessment of UPG cybersecurity efforts and liability protection in the event of a data breach. UPG President Bobby Chhabra, M.D. made opening leadership remarks, noting the increased unity and collaboration of … [Read More...]

Key Messages: February 2018 Clinical Chairs Committee Meeting

UPG COO Corey Feist presented an update on contract negotiations with Anthem. Department Chairs approved proposed contract terms as outlined. Next steps include reevaluation of current Super Specialty Codes, as well as reconstituting/charging the Performance Based Contracting Team. UPG CFO … [Read More...]