White Coats Welcome Class of 2017

Last week we welcomed our newest School of Medicine students as the Class of 2017. While they have only been here a few days, here is a preview of what they look like, from a purely numbers viewpoint.

Of the 4,709 applicants (300 more than last year!), we will have a final class of:

  • 161 students
  • 94 men
  • 67 women
  • 84 are Virginians
  • 77 are from out of state.
  • 41 are from groups underrepresented in medicine, which is nearly double that of the Class of 2016.

And while we’re giving stats (and bragging a little) the class of 2017 has an:

  • Average age of 23.7 years
  • Average GPA of 3.75
  • Average MCAT of 34.15.

Numbers never tell the whole story, and for that reason, we look forward to meeting our new students in the coming weeks and months.

Welcome to the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Class of 2017!

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