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E-Science Bootcamp created to help colleagues better understand and contribute to solutions for managing e-Science issues and trends.

The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library at the University of Virginia Health System recognizes there is an important role that Librarians can play in support of emerging e-Science initiatives.

In early March the Library, under the leadership of Associate Director for Library Technology and Development, Bart Ragon created the “E-Science Bootcamp” as a way to help their colleagues better understand and contribute to solutions for managing e-Science issues and trends.

“Bootcamp” provided participants with a ground level view of two scientists’ day-to-day challenges related to e-Science. Attendees also learned the language they need to engage in meaningful conversations at their own institutions.

Bootcamp came about because scientific research is increasingly reliant on technology, thus creating very large amounts of data. “E-Science” is concerned with holding onto this information through appropriate storage, analysis, understanding of ownership, and retrievability so that it can be accessed by others.

At this time, some of these activities are performed by a variety of departments across universities, but e-Science is interested in a coordinated and thoughtful approach to data retention.

Thirty-nine Librarians from institutions in Virginia, and as far away as Miami, participated in Bootcamp. In addition to the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, it was supported by a subcontract from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) Southeastern/Atlantic Region (SE/A) and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

The NN/LM provided 10 travel scholarships to librarians from far away institutions, enabling them to attend Bootcamp. Future plans include assessing the continuing learning needs of librarians and providing a “e-Science Bootcamp: Next Steps” program in support of the identified needs.

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