Shocking New Role Found for the Immune System: Controlling Social Interactions

In a startling discovery that raises fundamental questions about human behavior, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have determined that the immune system directly affects – and even controls – creatures’ social behavior, … [Read more...]

Amid Terrorism Fears, Promising Leads in Hunt for Radiation Antidote

University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers have identified promising drugs that could lead to the first antidote for radiation exposure that might result from a dirty bomb terror attack or a nuclear accident such as Chernobyl. Some of … [Read more...]

UVA Tests Electronic Tablets to Improve Pre-Hospital Stroke Care

A clinical trial testing mobile videoconferencing as a means for physicians to diagnose stroke patients while they’re being transported to the hospital has found that a tablet-based system produced diagnoses highly correlating with a bedside … [Read more...]

‘Bad Guy’ Cells Unexpectedly Prove Vital

They Cause Allergies and Asthma, But They Also May Save Your Life Surprising discovery points to way to prevent life-threatening consequences of C. difficile infections diff kills one in seven infected in North … [Read more...]

Graduation and Diploma Ceremony 2016

May 22, 2016 153 Medical Students - members of the Class of 2016 - posed for pictures, walked the lawn, received a diploma, took the Hippocratic Oath, and became MDs today. We couldn't be more proud of Virginia's newest … [Read more...]