Cancer-Causing KSHV Herpes Virus in Tonsils

AIDS patients, organ transplant recipients and others suffering from weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to a group of fatal cancers caused by the human herpes virus KSHV, or Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus. Until now scientists … [Read more...]

Welcome Class of 2019

On Friday, Aug. 14, The School of Medicine welcomed the 157 students of the Class of 2019 to the University of Virginia at the White Coat Ceremony and Convocation, sponsored by the Class of 1965, held in Old Cabell … [Read more...]

New Way to Detect Cancers

Strange rings of DNA that exist outside chromosomes are distinct to the cell types that mistakenly produced them, researchers have discovered. The finding raises the tantalizing possibility that the rings could be used as an indicator of different … [Read more...]

Life-Saving Drugs Untaken in Appalachia

Nearly a third of breast cancer survivors in Appalachia are not taking the critical, potentially life-saving follow-up treatment – despite having insurance that would pay for it, a troubling new study has … [Read more...]

Experimental Leukemia Treatment

An experimental new treatment approach for a rare, deadly leukemia can send the disease into remission even in patients for whom the standard therapy has failed, buying them more time to have the stem cell transplant that could save their lives, a … [Read more...]