Discovery: Major Step Toward Growing Kidneys

Cells That Produce Blood Vessels Identified, Paving Way for Tissue Engineering In a significant step toward growing replacement kidneys, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have identified the cells that give rise to the … [Read more...]

Prostate Cancer Discovery May Make It Easier to Kill Cancer Cells

Researchers Find Unknown Link Between 2 Different Treatment Approaches A newly discovered connection between two common prostate cancer treatments may soon make prostate cancer cells easier to destroy. Drugs that could capitalize on the discovery … [Read more...]

Doggies De-Stress Studying Students

School of Medicine students preparing for their exams were treated to cookies and canine companionship all thanks to the 5Cs Comfort Break. The five Cs stand for canines, cocoa, cookies, cider and contributions to the … [Read more...]

New Treatment for Deadliest Brain Cancer Available at UVA

New Treatment for Deadliest Brain Cancer Available at UVA Wearable Device Was Shown to Extend Survival for Patients With Glioblastoma A device that represents a rare advance against glioblastoma – the deadliest form of brain cancer – is now … [Read more...]

Sound Waves as Effective as Brain Surgery at Treating Essential Tremor

Scalpel-free surgery using focused sound waves appears to be as effective in treating essential tremor as traditional surgery that requires drilling into the skull, a groundbreaking clinical trial at the University of Virginia Health System has … [Read more...]