<h2>WWI Hospital Unit</h2> <h2>Dr. A_S_Surgery 1</h2>by Murray Whitehill <h2>Drips</h2>by Ahmed Salahudeen
<h2>Skeleton</h2>by Ahmed Salahudeen
<h2>Dr. A_S_Surgery 3</h2>by Murray Whitehill <h2>Sol Duc Falls</h2>by John Voss <h2>A Little Soul</h2>by Eleanor Bennett <h2>Chromosome Crossing</h2>by Norm Trigoboff <h2>Cowboy Bar</h2>by Harrison O’Connor <h2>Crosswalk</h2>by Jim Hagan <h2>Reading in the Stream</h2>by Murray Whitehill <h2>Smoke</h2>by Elizabeth Howard <h2>Rwanda Boat</h2>by Kristine Grade <h2>Met</h2>by Elizabeth Howard <h2>Snowman Surgeon</h2> <h2>Lightening Storm</h2> by John Voss

Reading in the Stream

by Murray Whitehill

Recent Fiction and Essay Submissions

Black Ice by N. West Moss

Franny Bigalski did not want her god-damned wind chimes thrown out when she died.  She sat at the dining room table, looking through her address book for Irene Anderson’s new cell number.  Irene, the simpleton, would take Franny’s wind chimes …

Once Removed by Nancy Ludmerer

“I’d help you look,” Elise’s mother says from her spot on the recliner, peering over her reading glasses and her copy of The Bourne Supremacy. “But I just had my nails done.  At your favorite place.  House of Fingers.”  On …

Old Dogs by Daly Walker

It was well past midnight when a ring awakened Krebs’ from a dreamless sleep.  The old surgeon groped in the dark for the phone.  His hand found the receiver, and he pressed its cold plastic to his ear.

“Dr. Krebs?” …

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Historical Archive

Introduction to the historical archive- Each issue of Hospital Drive features an online exhibit of the Historical Archive of the University of Virginia Health Science Library.  Follow this link http://exhibits.hsl.virginia.edu/breath/ to “Every Breath You Take—Tuberculosis Treatments.” If … [Read More...]

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